... a little bit of paradise in the Rockies...

TinCup, Colorado. A nice, quiet little town high in the Colorado Rockies. Settled originally as a mining town it has seen glory days and it has seen decline and near abandonment. Now it's a peaceful summer getaway for numerous families and campers who have been coming here for generations and generations.

Wild mushrooms! The area around TinCup is abundant with wild mushrooms. These are some prime examples of King Boletes or as they are more commonly known, Porcinis. However, it's also possible to find such tasty morsels as chanterelles, morels, ink caps and many other equally delicious treats.

For the most part, water is everywhere in TinCup. Lakes, ponds, streams and all manner of creeks. The main body of water is Taylor Lake, which is actually in Taylor Park. Above is a little pond I found while out looking for mushrooms.

Ice Mountain after an August dusting of snow.